19 days of songs from the ‘90s: Day 17

“Props to the New Hood” Edition

I’m reading up on my soon-to-be home of Portsmouth, England, and I’m discovering that several very famous people hail from there. There’s one guy named Charles Dickens who sounds vaguely familiar—I’ll have to Google him to remind myself of what he’s done. But most importantly, OMG, Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears is from Portsmouth! TFF peaked in the ‘80s, but for the purposes of this list, in 1993 Orzabal released what was essentially a solo album under the band moniker. Despite the absence of Curt Smith, “Elemental” is a solid effort with a few tracks to rival the duo’s best, including the title track and this one, “Break It Down Again.” Orzabal reconciled with Smith in the aughts and they put out one more album and have been working on a follow-up for a while. If I see Orzabal in the Portsmouth Asda, I’m going to tell him to get a move on already and finish it!
Tears for Fears — “Break It Down Again”


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