19 days of songs from the ‘90s: Day 9

International Favourites Week!
World Party* Mix

dballlightFor the final day of IFW (sad trombone), let’s leave on an upbeat note with a playlist of the most groovetastic ‘90s jams from around the world. Thanks for reading and/or listening! Also, gracias, merci, and danke. (We’ll return tomorrow with our regularly scheduled ‘90s marathon.)

12. Crucified – Army of Lovers (Sweden)
11. Steal My Sunshine – Len (Canada)
10. Sweet Dreams – La Bouche (Germany)
9. Always There – Incognito f. Jocelyn Brown (U.K./U.S.A.)
8. Ride On Time – Black Box (Italy)
7. Sun Is Shining – Bob Marley vs. Funkstar Deluxe (Jamaica/Netherlands)
6. Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) – Us3 (U.K.)
5. Around the World – Daft Punk (France)
4. 3 a.m. Eternal – The KLF (U.K.)
3. Finally – CeCe Peniston (U.S.A.)
2. Music Sounds Better with You – Stardust (France)
1. Groove Is in the Heart – Deee-lite (U.S.A.)
This four-minute slice of unbridled joy gets my vote for best dance track of the ‘90s. If you can’t shake it to this, you’re dead.

*Not the band


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