Vinyl Find: Brubeck, Baby!

img_20170216_172453Discovered this gem in a consignment box at a great local coffee shop called Hunter Gatherer. The owner is planning a pop-up vinyl shop on the premises in March. It will be a welcome addition to Portsmouth’s vibrant vinyl scene!


Absolute Beginner: The Adventures of a Middle-Aged U.K. Newbie

[Blogger’s note: I was born and raised in America, moved to Canada for love in the early Aughts, and recently relocated again, in my 50s, with my British-born spouse to the southern coast of his homeland. This is an occasional series about learning new tricks in Merry Old England.]

The Curious Appeal of British Commercial Radio

ultrapop-2017-02-05-10-11-40Growing up in America in the ‘70s, radio was my faithful companion. Be it portable transistor, home stereo, or car dashboard module, I was forever twisting a dial or punching a channel pre-set button, searching for the music I loved.  Commercial radio was my connection to the tunes of the day for a long, long time, the first place I heard Blondie, Parliament, Lou Reed, Devo, Prince and countless other musical heroes. But as I got older, that connection frayed. Continue reading