Two Weeks of Songs from the 2000s: Day 1

Reconsidering the Aughts

IMG_20160903_155107Initially I balked at doing a 2000s list because when I think of that decade, my mind immediately goes to vapid boy bands and Auto-Tuned pop princesses and the death of the music industry. But when  I did my “19 Days of Songs from the ‘90s” series, I discovered that a lot of my favourite recorded works that I was sure were pre-millennial actually came out in 2000 or after. Like “Music for Imaginary Films,” for instance, a delightful concept album by the Dutch electronic duo Arling & Cameron. The title is self-explanatory: 14 spot-on theme songs for movies that don’t exist. There are even fake promo posters in the CD booklet! (See photo.) This retro-spacey jam is a highlight.
Arling & Cameron — “1999 Spaceclub”


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