Rock On, Old-Timer!

Great observations by a kindred spirit. Eddie and the Hot Rods rock!

Yeah, Another Blogger

Hey there! This piece is partly a commentary about growing old, a subject and a sad reality that I can’t seem to stop thinking about. And, consequently, writing about. I don’t obsess over it by any means, but as I mentioned in an article a month or two ago, I am very aware of the grains of sand that steadily and relentlessly are falling to the bottom of my hourglass. Man, I’m 71, at least 20 years older than I’d like to be. But hopefully I’ll be around for many more years, hitting the Publish button for scads more stories on this website. And if not, well, c’est la f*cking vie, as they say in Gay Paree.

Doom and gloom, however, will not dominate the present proceedings. Nah, that’s not me. Age-wise, I may be nearing lofty heights. (Nearing? Shit, I’m already there.) At heart, though, I’m still kind of a rabid 20-something.

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Two weeks of songs from the 2000s: Days 8 and 9

Whistle for the Work Week Two-Fer!

img_20160912_113445Remember when whistling was all the rage back in the 2000s? People whistled while riding their Segways and Razor scooters, while clicking through MySpace pages, while watching the West Wing. Or maybe I just dreamed all this. But whistling did find its way into popular music, perking up this jaunty hit by Peter, Bjorn and John and pretty much every other song by Andrew Bird, including this highlight from his brilliant 2009 album, “Noble Beast.” Whistle away!

19 days of songs from the ‘90s: Day 2

Celebrating the last truly great decade for pop music.
A pox on your aughts!

IMG_20160729_093949One of the great joys of shopping in a record store is being turned on to a new album that the staff is playing. I’ve heard so many great records for the first time that way, and having worked in many a record store myself, I know I’ve turned others on to new music as well. I first heard “What Makes It Go?” by the Swedish band Komeda, in Tower Records in the Around Lenox Shopping Center in Atlanta. (One of the last Towers to open, it was only there for a few years before the whole chain went kablooey.) It’s not the deepest album of the ‘90s by any means, but it’s insanely catchy and fun—check out the track at the link below—and the point is there’s a good chance I might not have heard it any other way. And that unique opportunity for discovery is being lost now, thanks to those damn millennials and their smart phones and their streaming! (Now if you need me, I’ll be mall-walking in my Velcro-strapped sneakers with my thermos full of Ensure.)